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Executive, 2023


What is a Key Decision?

The definition of a Key Decision is:-

(a) Any decision in relation to an executive function which results in the authority incurring expenditure, or the making of savings which are in excess of �50,000 or significant (eg. 60% larger than budget heading) having regard to the local authority�s budget for the service or function to which the decision relates.

(b) The second test for a key decision focuses on those decisions which are not likely to involve significant expenditure or savings but which nevertheless are likely to be significant in terms of their effects on one or more communities. Where a decision is likely to have a significant impact on a community, the decision maker must ensure that those affected, the executive member and the local ward councillor are informed of the forthcoming decision in sufficient time for them to exercise their rights to see the relevant papers and make an input into the decision making process.

How to Make Representations

You can make representations in respect of any of the key decisions contained within the Forward Plan by writing to:

The Monitoring Officer, Allerdale Borough Council, Allerdale House, Workington, CA14 3YJ

Giving the relevant decision reference number and giving clear reasons for making such representations.