Executive post

Executive Member: Environmental Services


Main Functional Areas


·  Leisure Management

·  Parking

·  Sports Development

·  Bereavement Services

·  Parks and Open Spaces

·  Refuse Collection

·  Trade Waste

·  Clean Streets

·  Grounds Maintenance

·  Recycling

·  Pest Control




·  Thinking and acting more like a business by seeking opportunities to increase our income, for example from our existing trading services, or by selling new services


·  Review how the Council delivers services within localities and ensure Councillors and staff deliver on our Community Leadership role


·  Agree the future approach to Grounds Maintenance with agreed financial savings and agreed service qualities


·  Finalise agreed service standards for new leisure centre and extension to leisure contract


·  Deliver increased financial income targets for trade waste


·  Implement the car parking review with associated income and service targets


·  Increase recycling rates and develop coherent investment plan for the FCC core fund


·  Review the work of the Clean Streets Team to ensure that resources are effectively deployed through the use of mobile working and ICT


·  Maintaining a safe and clean environment by working with local communities to improve and manage our built environment and open spaces

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