Issue - decisions

Otley Road Flats, Keswick

21/07/2022 - Otley Road Flats, Keswick

The subject of the decision


The Chief Officer (Maryport Programme and Covid) submitted a report which sought member’s to consider options for the lease or disposal of four refurbished flats in Keswick.


Councillor M Fitzgerald moved the recommendation as per the report; this was seconded by Councillor T Markley. The motion was unanimously agreed.


Alternative options considered


Detailed options appraisal as set out in the report.


The reason for the decision


Work was nearing completion on the conversion of a former Allerdale owned commercial building into four one-bedroomed flats at Otley Road, Keswick.


The decision




That it be agreed that the four flats be leased to an affordable housing provider at an affordable rent for an initial period of five years. A longer-term decision on the future use of the flats can then be taken by the new Cumberland unitary authority at the end of that period.