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Quarter 3 Performance Report 2022/23

16/03/2023 - Quarter 3 Performance Report 2022/23

The subject of the decision


The Strategic Advisor (Performance) submitted a report to advise Members on the Council’s performance at the end of quarter three 2022/23, covering the period from 1 October to 31 December 2022.


Members considered and noted the progress made against each of the key projects and activities set out in the Corporate Business Plan.


The report contained 47 projects/activities and 33 key performance indicators.

Of the projects/activities 9 were marked as completed or closed, 37 were on target and 1 had concerns over the deadline or outputs being achieved. Of the listed KPIs 21 were reported on the RAG report, 12 were on target, 2 had some concerns on their target being achieved and 2 had significant concerns.


Councillor M Fitzgerald moved the report for noting.


Alternative options considered




The reason for the decision


To advise members of progress on the Corporate Business Plan priorities/activities and KPIs at the end of quarter three 2022/23.


The decision




That the report be noted.