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Council Tax Resolution Report 2022/23

24/02/2022 - Council Tax Resolution Report 2022/23

The Chief Officer Assets submitted a report which sought members to approve the necessary resolutions for Council Tax setting in accordance with Sections 31-36 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.


Councillor C Sharpe moved the recommendations contained within the report. Councillor M Johnson seconded the motion.


A recorded vote was taken in respect of the motion:


In Favour - Councillors Annison, Armstrong, Bell, Campbell-Savours, Cook, Crouch, Daniels, Farebrother, Fitzgerald, Gaston, Gorrill, Grainger, Greaney, Grisdale, Heaslip, Hodgson, Horsley, Johnson, Kemp, Kendall, Lansbury, Lister, Lynch, Markley, Martin, McCarron-Holmes, McGuckin, Pegram, Pitcher, Sandwith, Sansom, Scott, Semple, Sharpe, Thurlow and Tyson.


Against - None.


Abstention - Councillors Wilkinson.


36 in Favour, 0 Against and 1 Abstention. The motion was carried.




That the resolutions as set out in Appendix A of the report be approved.