Committee details


Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference




The main Executive functions are:


5.2.1  to determine how expenditure on services should be undertaken;


5.2.2  approving the commencement of procurements of services, supplies and works not already identified in the capital programme, which come within the scope and definition of a key decision;


5.2.3  to agree annual reports;


5.2.4  to monitor the budget for particular services;


5.2.5  to make recommendations on the Policy Framework and annual revenue budget and capital programme to the Council;


5.2.6  to agree strategies and plans at a level below the Policy Framework;


5.2.7  to take decisions to implement the Council’s policies;


5.2.8  to agree responses to consultation papers when appropriate;


5.2.9  to make appointments to and the payment of grants to outside bodies within its remit;


5.2.10 to receive and consider referrals from the Overview and Scrutiny Committees; and


5.2.11 to publish a Forward Plan of expected Key Decisions.


Contact information

Support officer: Gayle Roach. 01900 702502