Agenda item

Quarter 4 Performance Report 2021/22


Members considered the Quarter 4 performance report for 2021/22 which reported progress on the key projects and activities and corporate KPIs which were based on Council Strategy Delivery Plan.


The Strategic Advisor (Corporate) provided up to date quarter 4 KPI figures under the ‘A Cleaner, Greener Allerdale’ theme as follows;


% of household waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting

For Q4 the percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting was 28.8%, against a target of 27%. This was slightly down on the same quarter last year, where the number was 30%.

For 2021/22 as a whole the percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting was 36%. The 2021/22 target was 37%.

For this indicator a higher figure is better.


Residual waste per household (kgs)

For Q4 the amount of residual waste per household was 130.4 kilograms, against a target of 113kg. The quarterly total is an improvement on the same period last year, when the amount collected was 135.5kg.

Taking the year as a whole, the residual waste per household was 548.6 kilograms, which is above the 2021/22 target of 479kg.

For this indicator a lower figure is better.


Members were concerned that while recycling percentages were nearly on target, the volume of residual waste not recycled was very high, so the area was producing more waste.


From the report members raised comments in relation to Disabled Facilities Grants, the ‘attract and disperse programme’ to grow the visitor economy, the housing stock condition survey and prevention activity for the homelessness service.


Regarding the commentary provided for KPI ‘Further development of the housing company’ Councillor A Daniels enquired about progress on Otley Road and whether the Council were still considering a housing association taking on the properties.

Members also requested further information on the dissolution of the housing company, asking when did this happen and what was the reason.

It was agreed to gather further information for members to those queries.


In relation to the KPI ‘Business case development - developing a pipeline of regeneration projects’ the committee requested to see a copy of the comprehensive register of ongoing and potential future projects.


With regard to commentary for the KPI ‘Further develop the Allerdale Local Focus Hub’ Councillor B Cannon requested a copy of the closure report from the Safer Streets team for the St Michaels project.

As the Ward member for St Michaels Councillor Cannon said she did not agree that the streets were safer in St Michaels and offered some of her experiences.

The Committee agreed to add this as an item to their work programme and invite the Safter Streets team to a future meeting.


Members also considered the Corporate Risk Log Summary.

Councillor B Cannon queried the risk score for Severe Weather Conditions, recorded in the summary as a 16 with a post mitigation impact score of 4, and said she didn’t believe the score adequately reflected the county’s risk of flooding.


It was agreed to ask the Senior Management Team to review that risk as part of their quarterly review session and report back to the Committee.




Members noted the contents of the report.


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