Agenda item

To consider an application to grant a hackney carriage vehicle licence


The Licensing and Compliance Officer submitted a report for the Licensing Regulatory Panel to consider a vehicle for licence which did not meet the criteria of Allerdale Borough Councils Vehicle Age Policy.


The Applicant and a representative was in attendance.


The application was to consider whether the council departs from the conditions of its Vehicle Age Policy and agree to grant the hackney carriage vehicle licence for any period up to one year.


The vehicle was previously licensed as a hackney carriage vehicle, but the licence expired and without a valid renewal application it was considered as a new application.


The vehicle held the private hire licence which expired on 20 August 2021. It had been a licensed vehicle since August 2018. The application to renew the vehicle was received on 24 August 2021 along with all relevant documentation.


The applicant had requested that the Licensing Regulatory Panel consider licensing the vehicle outside of the Vehicle Age Policy due to their extenuating circumstances.


The officer’s recommendation was to refuse the licence.


The applicant then gave their representations and answered questions from members.


The applicant’s representative advised the Panel that the delay with the application was due to a family members’ illness and numerous hospital commitments which meant they had missed the deadline by 4 days. Once the error was noticed the application had been submitted within 2 days following the weekend.


The Licensing and Compliance Officer and the applicant and their representative then left the meeting while the panel considered the application.


Members considered the application, the officer’s report, and representations from the applicant and advice from officers. The Panel also considered relevant legislation, the Vehicle Age Policy and the purposes of the licencing objectives.


Councillor A Smith moved the motion to grant the hackney vehicle licence for one year.


This was seconded by Councillor N Cockburn.


A vote was taken, the motion was unanimously agreed.

The motion was carried.


The Licensing and Compliance Officer and the applicant and their representative returned to the meeting.


The applicant was informed of the decision and its reasons.




The Licensing Regulatory Panel considered the application, the officer’s report, representations from the applicant and advice from officers, and considered relevant legislation and the Council’s Vehicle Age Policy.


To grant the delegated authority to the Licensing and Compliance Officer to allow for the grant of the hackney carriage vehicle licence for a period of one year.


The Panel took due regard to the extenuating circumstances, being the applicant providing primary care to the family, and therefore not able to complete the necessary application prior to the vehicle’s expiry date.

The Panel acknowledged that all of the necessary vehicle checks had been obtained and it was fit for use as a hackney carriage.

Given such a short period, being over the weekend when the Council offices were closed, between the expiry date and the application being submitted the panel deemed it right to see that the authority be given to officers to grant the vehicle licence.


The applicant was advised that if they were aggrieved by the decision, they could appeal to the Magistrates’ Court within 21 days of the decision.