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Overview and Scrutiny Committee

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Terms of Reference




Overview and Scrutiny look at the quality of council services, and other issues that affect the lives of people in Allerdale. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee will listen to the concerns of local people to investigate how the council and other organisations are performing, and where necessary seek improvement.


Overview and Scrutiny will:

·  review any actions taken in connection with the discharge of any of the council’s functions both in relation to individual decisions and performance over time;

·  exercise the right of call in of any decision taken by the Executive, or by officers under the executive arrangements, which has not yet been implemented;

·  consider any Councillor Call for Action requests, and take any follow up action as required;

·  submit reports and/or make recommendations to the Executive, to Council or to any appropriate partnership or external agency on the delivery of public services;

·  respond to consultation by the Executive;

·  provide assistance with policy development and review, taking an early view on policy issues and providing evidence based recommendations.


Specific duties:


1. Overview and Scrutiny will review policies and contribute to policy development to assist Council and the Executive in the development of its budget and policy framework by in-depth analysis of policy issues.


2. In carrying out its work, Overview and Scrutiny will:

·  carry out research and consultation with the community, local businesses and other appropriate interest groups in considering different policy options;

·  question members of the Executive, other committee members, officers and other appropriate people to canvass opinion and gather evidence to assist in developing their conclusions, and liaise with external organisations to gather evidence based on wide-ranging views;

·  make recommendations to the Executive, to an appropriate committee or to Council arising from the outcome of the scrutiny process. They may also make recommendations to partner and external organisations as appropriate;

·  invite individual witnesses, other public bodies or partnerships in the Borough to participate in the scrutiny process and question any person (with their consent).


3. Overview and Scrutiny will report at least annually to Council and the chairs will jointly keep scrutiny practices, procedures and work programmes under periodic review.