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This page lists the meetings for Council.


Terms of Reference


·  adopting and changing the Constitution;

·  approving or adopting the Policy Framework and the Budget;

·  making decisions about any matter in the discharge of an Executive Function which is covered by the Policy Framework or the budget where the decision maker is minded to make it in a manner which would be contrary to the Budget and Policy Framework;

·  appointing and removing the Leader;

·  agreeing and/or amending the terms of reference for Committees, deciding on their composition and making appointments to them (in accordance with the Local Government and Housing Act 1989) unless the appointments have been delegated by the Council;

·  appointing the Chairs of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee;

·  changing the name of the area or conferring the titles of Honorary Alderman and Freeman of the Borough;

·  making or confirming the appointment of the Head of Paid Service;

·  adopting an Allowances Scheme;

·  making, amending, revoking re-enacting or adopting bylaws and promoting or opposing the making of local legislation or Personal Bills;

·  all Local Choice Functions set out in Section 10 of this Constitution which the Council decides should be undertaken by itself rather than the Executive;

·  appointing representatives to outside bodies unless the appointment is an Executive Function or has been delegated by the Council; and

·  all matters which by law must be reserved to the Council.