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Chief Officer Employment Panel

This page lists the meetings for Chief Officer Employment Panel.




·  To make recommendations to Council on the appointment of the Head of Paid Service (Chief Executive) and to approve the terms and conditions of that appointment

·  To appoint Chief Officers (statutory and non-statutory) and to approve the terms and conditions of those appointments

·  Disciplinary action and grievances in relation to the Chief Officers and Statutory Officers

·  To make recommendations to the Council on the dismissal of the Head of Paid Service, Chief Finance Officer or Monitoring Officer in cases of redundancy, permanent ill health or the expiry of a fixed term contract

·  To make decisions in relation to proposed voluntary redundancy/early retirement or severance packages in line with existing policies of the Council. Where a package with a value of £100,000 or more (including any pension strain) is being considered and the Panel has discretion in respect of whether or not to allow such a package, the Committee may decide to refer the matter to Council if it considers this appropriate

·  To approve appropriate HR employee policies