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Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Friday 19th June, 2020 1.30 pm


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To sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 21 February 2020


The minutes of the meeting held on 21 February 2020 were signed as a correct record.


Declaration of Interests

Councillors/Staff to give notice of any disclosable pecuniary interest, other registrable interest or any other interest and the nature of that interest relating to any item on the agenda, in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct.


None declared



To answer questions from members of the public – submitted in writing or by electronic mail no later than 5.00pm, 2 working days before the meeting.


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Public Participation

To hear representations from members of the public on items which appear on the agenda – submitted in writing or by electronic mail no later than 5.00pm, 2 working days before the meeting.


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Council Strategy Interim Delivery Plan 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 409 KB

To consider the Interim Delivery Plan and formulate any comments to submit to Executive for consideration.

Additional documents:


Councillor Marion Fitzgerald (Executive Member and portfolio holder for Policy, Governance and People Resources) presented the Council Strategy Interim Delivery Plan for 2020/21.


Councillor Fitzgerald also provided an update for members in relation to the impact Covid-19 has on Council finances, advising that the main council income streams have been severely affected.


With the uncertainty emerging from Covid-19, Councillor Fitzgerald advised that a previously scheduled four-year plan was not currently appropriate.


The interim delivery plan will provide focus, structure and concentrate on short term priorities and follows the six priorities as set out in the Council Strategy.


An overview of the key projects and activities for each of the six priorities was provided by the Policy Manager (Corporate Policy and Performance).


Members asked questions and shared comments and feedback on each of the priorities:


A financially secure Council


Questions were raised on car parking, the Policy Manager confirmed that when car parks are reopened fees would be charged, Councillor Fitzgerald also was also confirmed to members that car parking fees would not be increased.


Cleaner, greener Allerdale


Questions were raised on fly-tipping which is higher than expected for June, it was not clear whether the re-opening of household waste recycling centres has mitigated any impacts but officers confirmed that a project has commenced to further understand and tackle the issue. Members also expressed concerns over the recycling performance figures for 20/21. Members asked that alternative language be used in describing the land for one of the projects - removing references to Northside ‘Allotments’. Councillor Fitzgerald agreed to take this comment to the Executive meeting.


Invest to grow


Questions and comments were raised on community housing and the creation of the new housing company, it was agreed that the Executive Report on the creation of the Housing Company would be shared with members.


Outstanding local services


The new Allerdale Waste Company and its performance indicators were discussed, Councillor Fitzgerald advised that the transition to Allerdale Waste Services has worked well, including the reintroduction of the garden waste, all during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Thriving towns and villages


The Council will support local businesses to re-open and will continue to work on the Maryport High Street and Workington Town Deal programmes. Members also provided feedback in relation to communication, digital technology and the visitor economy.


Resilient communities


Members discussed homelessness and health and wellbeing in the community. Following the government announcements on homelessness, the council provided accommodation to 100% of residents in need.


As a general point on performance measures, members suggested that it would be useful to see baseline figures for the performance indicators in the Plan.  Again Councillor Fitzgerald agreed to take this comment to the Executive meeting where the Interim Delivery Plan was to be considered.


Members noted the contents of the Council Strategy Interim Delivery Plan 2020/21

Councillor Cockburn left the meeting


Proposed Work Programme 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 222 KB

To consider proposed items for this Committee's work programme 2020-2021 and select items for inclusion.

Additional documents:


Members firstly looked at the criteria to select items for the Work Programme 2020/21 and whether the Audit Committee could consider some of the suggested items.


Members then went through each of the suggested items on the proposed work programme 2020/21.


Following review and discussion it was agreed remove the following items (but review and monitor, acting if necessary).


Item 2 - ‘Update and review of Allerdale Waste Services since start of operations’

Item 7 - ‘Review of the overview and scrutiny section of the Constitution’ – on the understanding that the Constitution Review Group is undertaking this task.

Item 13 – ‘Review of proposed development of a stadium’

Item 14 – ‘Governance of the Council's role as a corporate charity trustee’ on the understanding that the Constitution Review Group is undertaking this task.

Item 15 – ‘Analysis of income and spend by geographic area’ – on the understanding that officers will provide an information only report to members.

Item 17- ‘Completion of focus on ESF funded training provision’


Members also agreed to merge items 4, 5 and 6 for consistency, along with item 16.


The Work Programme for 2020/21 was provisionally set as follows, 


·  Development of a Resilient Communities Strategy

·  Update and review of town-based programmes in Maryport and Workington

·  Consideration of this Council’s role in the ongoing public health situation, the next steps from Covid-19 and the impact of pandemic on Council operations and finances and rural issues, particularly consideration of addressing social exclusion (Items 4, 5, 6 and 16)

·  Development of a new Housing Strategy

·  Development of a new Economic Growth Strategy

·  Progress report on climate change

·  Performance Management

·  Annual update from Community Safety Partnership

·  Updates from representatives on other scrutiny bodies






Councillor Grainger left the meeting


Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Executive Protocol pdf icon PDF 220 KB

To consider the draft protocol for working arrangements between the Executive and the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and to agree to submit the protocol to the Executive for approval and adoption.


Additional documents:


Members considered the report and agreed the content, and to recommend the protocol to Executive for approval and adoption.


Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 366 KB


Members noted the contents of the Forward Plan