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To consider an application to grant a hackney carriage vehicle licence

Meeting: 25/10/2022 - Licensing Regulatory Panel (Item 211)

To consider an application to grant a hackney carriage vehicle licence

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The Licensing and Compliance Officer submitted a report for the Licensing Regulatory Panel to consider a vehicle for hackney carriage vehicle license which did not meet the criteria of Allerdale Borough Councils Vehicle Age Policy.


The Applicant was not in attendance but had provided written representation.


The application was to consider whether the council departs from the conditions of its Vehicle Age Policy and agree to grant the hackney carriage vehicle licence for any period up to one year.


The vehicle was licensed as hackney carriage vehicle and that licence had expired without a valid renewal application being made.


The applicant had requested that the Licensing Regulatory Panel consider licensing the vehicle outside of the Vehicle Age Policy due to their extenuating circumstances.


The officer’s recommendation was to refuse the licence.


The Licensing and Compliance Officer left the meeting while the panel considered the application.


Members considered the application, the officer’s report, and advice from officers. The Panel also considered relevant legislation, the Vehicle Age Policy and the purposes of the licencing objectives.


Councillor P Scott moved the motion to grant the hackney carriage vehicle licence for one year.


This was seconded by Councillor B Pegram.


A vote was taken, the motion was unanimously agreed.

The motion was carried.


The Licensing and Compliance Officer and the applicant’s representative returned to the meeting.


The applicant was informed of the decision and its reasons.




The Panel has decided to delegate powers to officers to grant the licence for one year, delegating the power thereafter to the Licensing and Compliance Officer for any subsequent renewal.  Although the vehicle now falls outside the Vehicle Age Policy, it is now considered to meet the conditions outlined in section 3 of the Council’s Vehicle Age Policy.


The Panel took into account the extenuating circumstances provided by the applicant in his written representations in making its decision.  The Panel would advise the applicant to contact the Licensing Team earlier in the event of further difficulties.


If the applicant is aggrieved by the decision of the Panel, they can appeal to the Magistrates’ Court within 21 days of the decision.