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Treasury Management Annual Review 2020/21

Meeting: 22/09/2021 - Council (Item 192)

192 Reference from Audit Committee 13/09/21 - Treasury Management Annual Review 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 94 KB

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This report was considered at Audit Committee on 13 September 2021.  Members considered the report and the recommendation.


Councillor A Tyson moved the report as Chair of the Audit Committee.


Resolved – That the contents of the report be noted.


Meeting: 13/09/2021 - Audit Committee (Item 176)

176 Treasury Management Annual Review 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 1 MB

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The Financial Services Manager presented the report which informed members of the performance of the Councils Treasury Management activities during 2020/21, including the effects of Treasury Management decisions and transactions executed in the past year and of the compliance with its Treasury management Policy.


The report summarised the following:


·  Economic background

·  Overall treasury position at 31 March 2021

·  Borrowing requirement

·  Borrowing rates

·  Borrowing strategy 2020/21

·  Borrowing activity during 2020/21

·  Investment rates

·  Investment Strategy for 2020/21

·  Investment outturn for 2020/21

·  Prudential and Treasury Indicators


Members were advised that 2020/21 was dominated by the Pandemic, but actions by the banks and government limited the damage caused.


The Financial Services Manager then answered questions from members in relation to the contents of the report.




Members noted the contents of the report.